Honored, Humbled and Nervous.

In less than 24 hours I will be delivering my first children’s moment service at my job placement which is Second Presbyterian church in Albuquerque, NM. Boy let me tell you I’m nervous as all get out about it. I say I’m nervous because this is brand new congregation, a brand new community, a brand new church family that has opened its arms to me and has asked me to give a lesson to not only the children but also the congregation on WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY!!!! Like one of the most important Sunday’s in the Christian Calendar (absolutely no pressure there whatsoever peeps).

It being a very important Sunday i am honored that they had asked me to do it. Being that this is not a church that I grew up in, that hasn’t seen me discover my faith(through all of my awkward phases)that hasn’t seen me grow into the young adult I am now, being that literally these peolpe have known me for about oh only about three weeks! Yup just three weeks of being immersed in this new community. The fact that they all feel so confident about this decesion is not only an honor but humbling as well. They have this uncanningness faith in my ability to be able to deliver a message that will resonate with not only the children but with them as well. That my friends is a humbling experience.

I can remember one Sunday when I was about 8 or 9 years old and Lisa Patterson delivered a children’s moment that I have carried with me to this day. It was about Zacchaeus(the wee little man). Maybe I still remember it because of the song but I like to think that’s not the main reason. I can remember her telling us that this man was not favorable in his town, just because of his profession( recap he was a tax collector). Tax collectors were the “traitors” the “corrupt” in Jesus’s time( and maybe still a bit today.) Jesus went into his village found him in a tree and said “I’m going to your house today”. The other towns people couldn’t believe that Jesus, JESUS the man who would literally die for our sins later on chose him. A “traitor” a “corrupt” man a “stain”on the Jewish community at that time, to go to his house and share a meal with him.  All I really remember at that time was that like man Jesus was a really good man to do that. What I’ve realized today is that he did it because we are all equal through the eyes of God. That ladies and gentlemen is what world communion is all about. Honoring the differences in all of us but recognizing the equalization as well. Lisa it took 17-18 years but I finally get it. I get what you were saying then and I get how it still resonates with me to this very day.  The hope is that on this particular World Communion Sunday I can give a new community, a new church family the same thing you gave me so long ago.

Am I still nervous you may ask? Absolutely!!! Am I honored? Yes without a doubt in my mind that this is a very “momentous” occasion. Am I humbled by the fact that fact they  had asked me a “virtual stranger” (from Texas mind you) to them to spread the good news, the Faith, and the Love, that we all had a moment(s) in our childhood to behold and understand. You better believe it!!!

All I ask for now is prayers in the hopes I don’t totally mess this up, the understanding if I do and the continuous love and support ya’ll have given me since day one.

  • Love to all

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