Transition, transition, transition.

SO how many times can someone transition before they start to lose their shit. Honestly its a question that has been requiring a lot more thought than I realized. this is my second YAV year. My first year was in Chinook, Montana.  It was a year of self discovery and realization of how much i had actually grown through the year. Fortunately i got to go home for a bit to Texas and spend time with my family and friends, but the time i spent at home i started to transition back to what I knew as normal. Then low and behold i made the move to Albuquerque with the intention of spending a year here in service.

The moving part isn’t whats hard, its having to readjust to everything again. I can absolutely 100% say (as of right now) i am completely in love with my job. I’ll be at Second presbyterian church for this year of service. the people here are amazing with making this church feel like a home and its only week two of work.  Word to the wise when you live in an intentional community expect to transition a lot. If you’re not uncomfortable you’re not doing it right, although I will say know your limits. stand up for yourself and your needs otherwise no one will really know what you need.

So a little bit about what I’ve done so far here in ABQ, I’ve gone to sooooo many meetings its flabbergasting to know that one church can have so many committees. I will most likely pursue the ones that are related to the youth and children’s committees. On a fun note I have been asked to lead the children’s moment on world communion Sunday…cause ya know there’s no pressure in that. These past few weeks I’ve just been trying to absorb everything well as much as I can without getting over stimulated. I’ve gotten to work with one of the mobil food pantries and lets just say the people that run this particular one are amazing in my opinion. This past week a catholic school came by and helped distribute the food, there was about 50 families that were helped that day and lets just say those kids had a blast in lending a helping hand.

In the past few weeks we’ve  gone to a museum, Zozobra, invited to share a meal with a family in the Santo de Mingo pueblo and finished up with feast day in Laguna. The culture here is like nothing I would’ve imagined, happy to announce that its way better than I could’ve thought of.  Many more events in the near future and some will probably include hiking (….yay…).

Now on to the absolute most important part….(not really).. the food!!!!!! OMG I am in like food heaven here. There’s green chili or red chili (christmas if you mix them together)on practically everything. I recommend any burger that has green chili on it, for everyone who likes sweet tea they don’t do that here bummer I know. I’ve been told that i should just blog about the food so honestly my next few blogs are most likely going to be about the seasonal food(pictures to come).All in all I’d say its been pretty decent since moving here. the community with the other girls is coming along (its only week three so we have plenty of time.) I absolutely love the fact the housemates are already showing their gifts it makes the transition easier. So to answer the question I posted earlier how many times can one person transition before they lose their shit. Well I’m going on three transitions in the past 7 weeks and I’m like 90% sure I’m still okay. the question itself isn’t really about how many times you can move or leave or start over its about how you handle each new thing, this is my daily reminder as to what I’m doing otherwise I most likely would lose my shit.  – peace to all-



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